Solvent distillation, chemical and petrochemical fractional distillation, crude oil distillation, pyrolysis oil distillation, alcohol and bio-ethanol distillation.
We supply turnkey solution for Alcohol and Fuel-Ethanol Plants
Manufacturer, suppliers and exporter of high efficiency distillation column for continuous and batch distillation system
Cyclic distillation trays internals has in a 2 to 3 times more efficient separation of components and a reduction of 1.5 to 2 times the power input into the process
Case technological advantages: packed column+ tray column in cyclic mode
Case technological advantages: packed column+ tray column in cyclic mode
Case technological advantages: packed column+ tray column in cyclic mode
Turnkey solution is including design, equipment, installation, post-guaranty service for atmospheric distillation unit and vacuum distillation unit

Our Services

Implementation of turnkey distillation system, revamping of existing distillation column, manufacturing cyclic distillation column and mass transfer equipment, pilot plant testing of separation process, basic and detail design, industry automation solution.

For our clients

Key economic benefits of cyclic distillation column: lower investment cost 20…50%, lower hot and electricity energy consumption 20…35%, improvement of product quality, increase of product yield, environment enhancement.

Process innovation

Cyclic distillation technology (new principle of operation) - high mass transfer efficiency, self-similar process, flexibility of the liquid and vapor, control residence time, tray dividing wall column; placement faster installation/revamping.

Maleta Cyclic Distillation offers for you

Distillation Trays

Tower Internals & Distillation Trays

We are manufacturer of efficiency distillation trays. Mass transfer efficiency of 1 cyclic distillation tray is equal of 3 usual trays.  Maleta distillation trays provide a decrease of column height and reducing energy consumption.

Column Manufacturer

Tower Internals & Distillation Trays

Our company is supplier of all types of distillation columns: fractional distillation column, reactive distillation columns, dividing-wall columns, batch distillation columns, vacuum distillation column...

Distillation Unit

Tower Internals & Distillation Trays

Batch and continuous distillation unit in vacuum, atmospheric and pressure operation for fractional distillation of petroleum products. Extractive distillation, azeotropic distillation, reactive distillation.

Ethanol Equipment

Tower Internals & Distillation Trays

Ethanol plant turnkey. For distillation department we manufacturing beer column, hydro-selection column, rectification column, distillation column of final purification, methanol column...

Stage of the project

Tower Internals & Distillation Trays

We offer the complete range of services from R&D, design, equipment, installation, construction service, guaranty to post-guaranty service in distillation process for chemical, petrochemical, refining...

Project Portfolio

Tower Internals & Distillation Trays

We have great experience in continuous and batch distillation setup, single-stage and multi-stage distillation systems. The combination of our knowledge, experience and scientific innovations enable...